SPF: Drifting of minds


“Where were you?”

I blinked because the question was so unexpected. Nothing had changed in all of the time we were sat there in the garden. “I never moved.”

Douglas turned and heaved a great sigh. “There was me thinking we had some kind of connection. That isn’t what I meant at all. Where were you what we were getting high?” He looked at my frown of confusion and sighed again. “Not physically, you plank. What did you see?”

“You see that little lantern looking thing?” I pointed towards the object in question. “It was night time and I could see it burning brightly like it was setting fire to the sky above.”

“Now you see, we really do have a connection.” Douglas lit up a cigarette and crossed his long legs. “I saw something similar in that I saw colours in the sky as well. Only I interpreted it as the end of the world, but something like the beginning for us. Even though I got swept away by some great landslide I knew that we were never going to die.”

The cigarette was passed to me and I took a deep drag, blowing ribbons of smoke. “That’s deep.”

Written for Sunday photo fiction

11 thoughts on “SPF: Drifting of minds

  1. Very deep. Amazing the places drugs will take you. The things they can make you see. The things they can make you feel. As well as the side effects of mashing your brain and turning you into a gibbering wreck. Excellent trip, or premonition? I wonder if we will ever know for sure.

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  2. This is very interesting Angie. The drugs are making the couple hallucinate things in the stove thing. At least they picture being together with each other, although, the end of the world doesn’t sound good. Never dying, that’s interesting too. Just hallucinations hopefully, but deep thinking ones. 🙂

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