Ninja writer prompt

Hump day prompt

This week’s ninja writers was all about your antagonist and your protagonist. It is all about making your antagonist a hero. You can read about it by clicking here.

I am not sure I have done this justice, but as my antagonist views the protagonist as his own antagonist I decided to write a story where they meet within a dream that the antagonist, Warren, is trying to control.


Out of the corner of his eye, Warren spotted the tell-tale shimmer telling him a Dream Guardian was about to appear. He made a noise of annoyance as he glanced around him. This was a group scenario and he had no idea who the Guardian believed they were about to save.

Warren’s look landed on Alice who was sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee. At the moment she had no idea that she was in a dream but one day she was going to know everything. One day Warren was going to give her the world on a plate. The girl definitely had potential, he had been training her within her own mind for a very long time.

There was no way he was going to let a Guardian get in the way.

That was the moment he heard the voice in his head. “Let him come, and soon he will be our toy.” Warren let himself smile as the familiar voice told him there was a plan.

He retreated into the shadows and the only got a glimpse of the white wings a Guardian always sported. Making themselves look like angels was nothing but deceiving. It was the kind of thing that shouldn’t be allowed.

A calming voice filled the air although Warren was not able to make out the words. Warren gave it a couple of minutes before he stepped out behind the Guardian. “Let go of her!” His voice echoed around the small square everybody was in. “The devil is among us, do not let him take one of our own.”

Long dark hair was the only thing of the Guardian that he saw as he turned his head towards the Walker. That was the moment everybody Warren was controlling descended on the intruder. He smirked as he heard the desperate screams of the Guardian.

This was one dream a Guardian was not going to ruin.

Alice staggered backwards away from the group. Warren watched with interest as she looked at the fallen man with some kind of sympathy in her face. He was going to teach her just how meddlesome a Guardian could be when they destroyed everything you were working for.

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