Story a day: day one

Okay, it is September, so it is the story a day time once again. I am going to make a conscious effort not to repeat any of the stories that I used in May.

So, the prompt today was:

The Prompt

Write a story in 30 minutes

Every Thursday, I take part in a challenge called three line tales where you have to write a story in three lines (Duh!) But I found the picture today particularly intriguing. So I thought I would see what would happen if I wrote on the picture for 30 minutes…

Let’s see what I end up with 🙂

three line tales, week 31: tattoos  and sliver ringsphoto by Alex Hockett

Blind date

Diana sat nervously waiting to see who she had been set up with by a friend. Blind dates were never really her thing but her friend had insisted that this was the best way to meet Darren. She had said that not knowing anything about him would mean that there were no real expectations. This was probably true, but Diana felt like she was in the wrong place. Was it really that desperate to go on a date with somebody seen nothing about? Her anxiety grew to such an extent that he very nearly got up from the table and ran out of the restaurant.

Just as she was about to stand up a shadow appeared in front of her. She looked straight ahead and their heart sank when she saw the ink covering hands in the small spaces that were not covered by metal. The simple fact that she liked the buttons on his waistcoat kept her in that seat. Diana looked up into the kindest brown eyes that she had ever encountered. His smile melted the ice that had instantly formed around her core.

He leaned over to shake hands. “Diana? It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Darren. Would you like a drink?”

Despite the fact those hands made her want to run she found herself mesmerized by the man in front of her. So, she nodded her head and the two started chatting as if they had known each other for years.

By the time the wedding arrived, Diana had a few tattoos on her own. She was so glad that she had never run away from that blind date because it had changed her life. Mind you, she was aware that the person she was then would have never gone on a date with the man sporting that much ink on his hands.

How silly she was back then.


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