FFfAW: Police presence

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Iain Kelly. Thank you, Iain!

At the first sound of the helicopter, Carl put his pen down in annoyance. “That would be the cops again chasing some freaking car. Don’t they know how distracting it is having a low-flying helicopter swooping around the office?”

Over the past few days, he had become increasingly frustrated by the constant permanent presence of the police helicopter. “Some of us are trying to work.”

Derek glanced out of the window. “I don’t think that’s a police helicopter, mate.”

Carl got out of his chair to walk towards the window and look outside. “It isn’t even an air ambulance. What is helicopter doing flying in this part of town?” He snatched up the phone to ring the police and complain.

“I think it’s… Shit!”
The helicopter hit the building and instantly exploded into flames. It seemed like the police had not been able to prevent the latest terrorist attack from happening.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

25 thoughts on “FFfAW: Police presence

    1. If it was, they mucked up and hit the building themselves! I am sure they prevent quite a day every day, there are just some motor always going to sit through the net. Thanks for reading.


  1. In the past people worried about land disputes and unfriendly neighbors, now the savage desire to rule the world has returned except this time it’s come along with pure lunacy.
    Great tale depicting the times we live in.

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