SPF: A royal lesson

170 08 August 28th 2016

“Daddy, do we control God?”

William frowned slightly as he looked at his young son. He wasn’t really angry, more confused by the question. He leant back in his chair so he could regard the child. “No, why would you say such a thing? Nobody controls God, we will just follow his will where ever it may take us.”

George shuffled his feet. “Granddad was telling me about the divine right of kings. He said a king or queen was chosen by God and nobody could take that away.”

“He was telling you about history, George. We are not an absolute monarchy in Britain and we allow the people to control themselves. That is what the government is. We are merely figureheads and the people can revoke that at any time. My mother taught me that, which is why I work so I am more like one of the people.”

“Oh. So, why does our coat of arms say that God is our right?”

William looked up at the coat of arms on the wall. “I think you need to pay more attention to those classes in Latin. It says, God and our right.” He ruffled his son’s hair, grinning.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

14 thoughts on “SPF: A royal lesson

  1. Heh I think that is something Great-Granddad is likely to come out with 😉 Although I think Granddad may be getting a little peeved that great grandma hasn’t popped her clogs yet for him to become king. Hopefully he never will and it will go straight to Bill.

    Good story Angie.

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  2. Oh, the tales that we do weave perhaps to rightly nightly perceive an ounce of truth.
    I’ve just read a book about ‘Royals’ when they very much were in control and perhaps out of control.
    Odd how one must reinterpret to suit. Something always gets lost in the translations.

    Nice glimpse into what could be a true conversation.

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