SPF: Forgotten light

169 08 August 21st 2016

Donna looked out her window at the one solitary lamppost that remained lit up despite all the government orders. It seemed strange that they had forgotten just one lamppost along the road. It wasn’t as if it was standing beside a junction or even a corner. It was just there. Apparently missed.

The glow of electricity was somehow comforting when everything was surrounded by darkness. The war had made sure that the government was careful about lighting up places. All of those buildings which had once been bathed in light have long since been blacked out.

She walked outside into the chilly winter air that seemed to seep into her bones. However, all she cared about right then was staring up at that great light. Until that moment Donna had not been aware of how much she missed the simple things in life, such as electricity in the streets.

There was the sound of planes flying directly overhead so Donna looked up. There were no sirens indicating the enemy presence but it was almost like she knew. Donna did not move from the position beside the lamppost but instead threw her arms around it.

Nobody was taking her forgotten light!

Written for Sunday photo fiction

16 thoughts on “SPF: Forgotten light

  1. Sounds like a frightening situation, a time of war to be in. I could see how she would miss the light. So many cities are just glaring with lights all over the place. Darkness would be new, not even oil lamps. I don’t blame her for hugging the light; I think I would to. It’s a bit of hope in the dark.

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  2. “how much she missed the simple things in life, such as electricity in the streets.”

    We don’t have electricity in the streets of my village in Indonesia. I would probably hug a lamp post also.

    Of course, those possibly threatening planes add another dimension.

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