SPF:Inspiring tears

168 08 August 14th 2016

“I need something new to wear.” Fuchsia, the flower fairy in training, was due to go to a party to celebrate her own graduation but she had not managed to design her own dress. In fact, unlike the other members of her class, she had yet to design her own flower.

She sat down in front of her drawing desk and began doodling while she was thinking. She was not drawing anything in particular, but she just hoped that drawing random shapes would give her some form of inspiration.

In frustration as the blank page a solitary tear dripped from the fairies face and splashed onto the paper. It was not unusual for a fairy’s tears to contain some colour, and this one was pink.

Fuchsia looked down at the pink smudge with annoyance, at first, but this soon changed into a burst of creativity.

That evening she went to her party in a dress made up of pink shaped like petals. A darker colour covered the top and spread out over the petals of the skirt. A matching crown topped her head and she announced with pleasure that her flower was born.

Who knew a tear could be inspiring?
Written for Sunday photo fiction

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