SPF: Ignored plea

The grappling iron had been designed for war but on that fateful day in 1918, it had seen its last battle. The marks on the metal showed the full onslaught of coming under fire, from both friends and enemies. The fact it was now on display showed the effects of battle and was a plea to stop humanity from sinking to that low level of fighting ever again.

Those who looked upon it could almost hear the sounds of gunfire along with the cries of the dying. This was certainly not something that we wanted to see within our future.

You would have thought that this would be the end of the story. However, there was one last gruesome task that this iron had been chosen to do. It was prised from its display and hidden under the dark material of a coat.

It was on the date of the anniversary that it was thrown through the air one last time. This time, however, it was not destined to grip the wood of another boat. This time, it found purchase in the skull of a Royal Marine. The man crumpled, screaming.

Humanity, it seems, had not stopped itself from sinking.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

14 thoughts on “SPF: Ignored plea

  1. I researched this too, and saw that they had awarded a lot of VCs for bravery. Later, it turned out that they were so desperate for a victory that they had declared one even though they lost the battle. I couldn’t come up with a short way to approach it. War is a complicated subject for sure. Nicely done.

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