200 word story: Fields of blood

Okay, I managed to inspire myself by my three lines from earlier this week (The harvest)So I decided to write a longer story. You hope you enjoy it 🙂

The sun seemed to be dancing as it skipped its way across the field before it’s warmth began to seep through my body. I strained to be kissed by the blinding light and I let out a sigh of contentment as I began to heat up.

That was one I felt a sharp pull signifying the start of the attack. I had no idea what I had done to deserve the pain that was tearing its way through my system. The pulling became so intense that I felt parts of me give way and drop into oblivion.

I had no voice to scream out and prevent this. I was also without any form of defence as the prolonged attack seemed to continue. It felt like it went on forever until eventually, I managed to spot the parts of me that had given way. They were quickly being transported away and I was without the means to follow them.

There was no longer any comfort in the sun’s rays as they seem to do nothing but scorch the areas where I had been mutilated.

At least my body parts had been red. Maybe the humans would notice they were eating blood.

4 thoughts on “200 word story: Fields of blood

  1. So I was reading along and interpreting as I go. Until the last line, you were describing my feelings as I finished my first marathon.

    This is why I got less than full marks on quizzes in uni.

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