SPF: Escapism

165 07 July 24th 2016

When I needed to escape from the world I had the perfect place to go. The cliff dwelling worked out beyond even my wildest expectations. One day I had been sitting on the beach trying to eliminate any distractions by listening to the sound of the sea.

I soon found that this was just about impossible on the beach. People were laughing and enjoying themselves all around me and preventing me from experiencing the solitude that I needed to find my inner peace.

I had looked up and spotted the cave in the rocks and daydreamed about making it my home for escapism. Not satisfied with just dreaming this, I made it a reality. Nobody ever knocked on my door simply because nobody knew where it was. There was no phone, no mail, nobody else to ruin my quiet.

You could only imagine my absolute horror when I arrived at the beach one day to look up and see the impossible. I had a neighbour. Somebody had Stolen my idea and built a house in the cave next to mine.

Now I needed a new hideaway.

And a place to hide those bodies of what had been very noisy neighbours.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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