Bring on humanity

I don’t know even where to start on this one.

There is just no way you can ignore everything that is going on in our world. Death is absolutely everywhere… Like flies on the windscreen.

It makes me wonder whether that is what we have become… Mere insects had to have ended up being unable to get along with their daily lives without risking being wiped out. To put it another way, are we being guided into destruction so that we can make way for something else? Have we forgotten what it is to be human? Where is the humanity?

Not only did we have the hideous and frankly cowardly attacks on Iraq, but there has been yet another terrorist attack in France. Again. All of these attacks involve children who were killed/injured/scarred for life and for what? To do God’s bidding? I can’t imagine that any God would condone an attack that wiped out so many of innocent lives. It does not matter what religion you read/believe/practice they are basically the same. They all talk about peace and respect for life.

By attacking drawing Ramadan, Islamic state basically proved that they have nothing to do with Islam because that would be considered a holy month.

As well as all of these we have had the attacks that went on in Dallas.

When did killing become everyday news? It really shouldn’t be.

It is not black lives matter, it is all lives matter. It is probably time that we remembered that.


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