FFfAW: Snippets

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor!

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, George, how do you lose a dinosaur?”

“Sorry? Did you just say a pigeon attacked your cat?”

“Who do you think you are? Justin Bieber?”

“My assistant was behind the flipchart; laughing.”

“Why on earth would you put the keys in the oven?”

The writer sat in the darkened space of the strange -looking building situated in the middle of the car park. His teachers had always told him that he would get the best ideas by eavesdropping on conversations. So, he had brought this building and placed microphones around it. He loved the snippets of conversations that would appear on his tape when he listened every day.

It definitely gave him some good ideas.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

22 thoughts on “FFfAW: Snippets

  1. Haha I agree. You would get some extremely interesting ideas and snippets of conversations it seems 🙂 A bit creepy knowing he mic’ the place though just saying. Great write Angie.


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