SPF: Undercover?


As a shadow pulled up behind my car I frowned into the rear view mirror. There was plenty of road for both of us as nobody else seemed to be driving this way. Why did people feel the need to drive inside your boot?

True enough I was sitting in the fast lane of the dual carriageway but I wasn’t crawling along. I mean, I wasn’t speeding or anything like that but I was hardly moving slowly. I stepped on the gas a little but was frustrated to find that the man following me remained glued to the back of my car.

I debated, for a while, about swiftly jamming on the brakes to force a coalition. After all, this was a company car and anyone driving into the back of a vehicle was deemed to be at fault. It would be his fault as well. Stupid man.

Instead, I pulled into the slow lane to allow him to pass. When he did I had to grab my phone to take a picture. I had heard surveillance vans, of course, but I had always assumed that they would be subtle. This wasn’t true of the one that just passed me.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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