SPF: Floods

163 07 July 3rd 2016

The sun was dawning on a brand-new day. All of the water I had sent had swallowed up everything that I hated in the place I had once created. In the beginning it felt like we were going to be a great team that would always be together.

Unfortunately, you had different ideas and there was nothing I could do but watch as you changed in front of my eyes. Once you had stood before me with nothing but kindness in your heart. I don’t know how it happened but all of that got replaced by greed.

It felt like you turned your back on me long before I turned my back on you. It wasn’t long before the tears that I wept rose into the tide that I was sending to cleanse everything. It seemed so fitting for you to drown in my despair.

I honestly tried to love you despite everything that you were doing, but there came a time that I could no longer ignore what was happening in front of my eyes. The day I let you get swallowed up by the ocean signified my freedom.

The final droplet clinging to the rose was hauntingly beautiful.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

17 thoughts on “SPF: Floods

  1. Beautiful song and story. Like she is a goddess of rain or of water like Calypso or something and she causes a flood of tears, the ocean to wipe out the greed and awfulness, that has risen from her lover. Or perhaps, she has merely moved on and is over him.

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    1. Hopefully she has moved on rather than doing something drastic like murder. There is no way of telling. But I really like the song and so I could not leave behind the images it created. Thanks for reading.

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  2. “It seemed so fitting for you to drown in my despair.” For me, this was the best line. If words have the power to evoke emotion (of course they do) this line led me to…despair.

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    1. I am actually quite pleased with the way that this turned out. I am glad that you enjoyed it as well and even managed to feel some empathy to my protagonist. Thanks for reading.


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