Monday journal… 27 June 2016

It is a Monday once again and so it is hyper my weekly roundup of what has been going on in my corner of the world.

This Monday we are all still coming to terms with Brit exit and everything that seems to be happening on the back of it. I must say watching the racism that is coming out make this absolutely appalling viewing/reading. You can’t believe that only a week ago everybody seemed to be united with the horror of Orlando and any other terrorist attack that was happening in the world. Now we all seem to be divided and fighting amongst one another about culture/religion/colour of skin/language. This is hardly the United Kingdom that everybody thought we were going to be saving by leaving the European Union. (And not that I voted to leave but I am just stating whether the arguments of that campaign). Not only that, it looks like we are going to lose both Scotland and Northern Ireland as a result. Already the value of the pound has plummeted, banks have been suspended from trading, the Prime Minister has resigned, the Labour leadership is in crisis, and agencies like Britain first and the English defence league have shown a surge in activity.

Not surprisingly, I have got very little writing done over the weekend. However, I am pretty sure that I am going to spend a few weeks looking to escape reality. I will do this with my characters Alice, Jordan, and Warren.

However, I have still managed to hold onto the weekly flash fiction challenges and have really enjoyed the time I spent doing this.

Next week sees the beginning of CampNaNoWriMo during which I am determined to finish the first draft off. I aim to post updates on how I am doing with this.

On another note entirely, my outfit for the comic convention is looking absolutely superb and I can’t wait to show it off in all its glory. I even have a helium filled dragon that is going to follow me around in London. (If you know nothing about game of thrones that will mean nothing to you!) I can’t wait to get there at the end of July!

On Friday it is my birthday!

Until next week, keep creating, or reading, or both!

9 thoughts on “Monday journal… 27 June 2016

  1. Interesting to hear your view on the Brit exit. It’s quite surprising and to me, that it happened. Seems to have surprised many people there too. Hoping for future stability in Europe (in due time) in terms of trade and working with each other, also good luck with your writing this week. Happy you characters let you get away.

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