SPF: Questions


“Mummy, what is that thing in front of the church?” The small girl pointed towards the wooden structure before looking up at her mum with curiosity burning within those blue eyes.

Lucy found the wooden structure filled her with unexpected dread. She shivered, despite being bathed in the warm summer sunlight. “It is a ducking stool.”

“What’s one of them?” Julie continued with her questions, completely oblivious to her mother’s discomfort.

“They used to be used to find out whether or not somebody was a witch.”


“Honey, this really isn’t a discussion that I want to have right now. Look, there is little Timmy, why don’t you go and play with him?”


She watched as the child ran to her friend and then she turned her attention back towards the wood near the church door. As if she was being possessed by someone else she reached out to touch the stool.

As soon as she did, she fell to her knees as the terror of the women who had been subjected to this torture ran through her system. The people whose last breath of life had been underwater in the freezing river.

Second sight could be a bitch.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

14 thoughts on “SPF: Questions

  1. What a great idea! How much horror would it be to have second sight? Makes me think of The Dead Zone by Stephen King – all the awful things you can’t help but learn. Great story – I can see this expanding into something much longer. Real potential

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  2. Oh how awful. It’s awful they did that to anyone, I mean I’m pretty sure if you were a witch you could get away from people persecuting you, so the people who were put in this ducking stool were innocent women. Interesting how the mom, your main character has second sight, terrible to feel all those emotions and terror other women felt. I had never seen a ducking stool before, I just looked it up on Goofle before reading your story, so good timing I guess. Well done Angie.

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