Friday fictioneers: Reality

Copyright -John Nixon

Copyright -John Nixon

There was a horrible creaking noise and Alexander knew exactly what was about to happen. It was almost as if it happened in slow motion. The rope gave way and the grand piano went crashing towards the floor. It made an almighty noise as the air seemed to push itself out over every single key at once.

This was the kind of thing that happened in cartoons rather than in real life. Alexander made his way down the ladder and went towards the clouds of dust that had been disturbed by the fall.

When he spotted the legs, Alexander fainted.

Written for Friday fictioneers

10 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers: Reality

  1. I like your take Angie. I’m trying to imagine how a piano could fall on a man and he could end up legs up in the air that way. Don’t want to know actually, nonetheless, enjoyed your tale.

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