FFftPP: Natural habitat



“You never do anything halfway.” Georgina could’ve cried when she looked at the space that had once been her garden. She had spent ages working on it to make it perfect and now that had been ruined by an act of her husband who probably thought he had done nothing wrong.

“What do you mean?” Mark looked at her face and then followed her gaze to the garden. “I thought this would make you happy. I mean, you are always telling me that I should take an interest in the garden and things outside.”

“I know all of that.” She pressed her hands against the cold glass of the French doors. “I simply meant that you should enjoy the space that I had spent ages creating. Why would you destroy that?”

He shuffled his feet uncomfortably. “There is a reason behind what I have done. I wanted a new family member to feel at home. He is up there in the branches, and his name is Patrick.”

“I saw the bird and that is why I said you never do anything halfway. I mean, most people would have just bought a cage. You have turned my garden into a rainforest!”

Written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner

8 thoughts on “FFftPP: Natural habitat

  1. Haha. Quite interesting. I’m sure her garden was a space she felt at piece and enjoyed, but I like the idea of her garden as a rainforest, and that the parrot can be in a more natural habitat. Maybe, she can find some interesting rain forest flowers to plant in her garden. Honestly, I think she should go with it. Make her front yard have more flower beds, but the rainforest holds interesting possibilities. Great take!

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