SPF: Daydream

160 06 June 12th 2016

I was standing there looking up at the lights in some kind of trance. The recollections of the time when I had dreamt about standing on a stage and looking up at those spotlights. A smile painted my face as I remembered all of my teachers telling me that I was wasting my time thinking of nothing but fame and fortune. I wished they could see me now.

Of course, the reality had been very different from the dream and there was more work involved than I would ever have thought. Or even hoped.

“Quit your daydreaming and get to work!”

The intrusion of the voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I instantly apologised to the lead member of the band.

His mouth twisted into some semblance of a smile. “I guess that you are wishing everybody would adore you in the same way that they adore me.”

I shuffled my feet in annoyance that he was exactly right in that thinking. There was no way that he deserved the attention because he was not the one with the talent in the band. Often the way with lead singers, I guess.

“Well, they never will, roadie boy!”

Written for Sunday photo fiction

14 thoughts on “SPF: Daydream

  1. Lol, nice twist at the end.

    Think you could sharpen the beginning up a bit, Angie i.e. the second sentence isn’t to me a complete sentence. I’d probably advise taking the best of the first three sentences and making them into no more than two. First para is key in these little stories. If people stumble over the first few lines they often never recover their interest.

    Thanks for submitting, and as ever I hope you don’t mind me giving a crit.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what an ass. The lead singer, I don’t think with his attitude, is going to be around very long. You never know but sometimes, the universe has away of making people eat their own words. Well written Angie.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice story Angie, loved the little twist at the end. I thought the narrator might have been the drummer or some other “less important” band member, but I like your twist better ;D

    Liked by 1 person

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