FFftPP: Archaeology


The first one was a surprise. I mean, when you do archaeology you don’t expect to stumble across human remains. Especially not when you are excavating the kitchen area of a big settlement. Admittedly, when we discovered the first piece we were hoping that we were wrong. Testing would prove the bones were from an animal.

We were in their kitchen for crying out loud! Why would there be human remains within the remnants of the fire pit? Because the idea of finding human bones right there. We all assumed that it is going to be a mistake on our part. We were students after all.

The second one was horrific, mind you. There was no denying that this was human because it was a skull. Well, it was once.

This was something we never learnt in all of our classes about the history that we were going to be working on. When a person first starts out on the road of archaeology we all wanted to be some kind of Indiana Jones. He made archaeology look cool, as did Lara Croft. That was the one thing we all aspired to do.

Nobody wanted to be the team discovering cannibalism.

Written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner

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