FFfAW: Criminal damage

This week’s photo prompt is provided by phylor. Thank you phylor for our prompt photo!

The statues expression remained the same as it had when it sat on the low wall in the playground. Still, there was something quite sad about the sight of a piece of metal work that had the arms removed yet carefully placed on the lap.

The whole thing was a mysterious piece of criminal damage that seemed to be without reason. I mean, who exactly would want to do this to a statue of a child? And why? So many questions I would leave behind me.

Practice. Plain and simple. I could hardly wait to do this in real life.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

22 thoughts on “FFfAW: Criminal damage

  1. Oh good, I read the other comments and found my thoughts weren’t far off. I think it’s horrible to do that to a child statue, a real child . . . A serial killer in the making indeed. Well written Angie. You made something angelic, tainted and awful.

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