Story a day: Day 31/FFfAW

Are you ready for the final part of that story a day challenge? I certainly am, so let’s go for it! Today’s prompt is:

The prompt

Go big or go home

This is all about writing to your strengths that you may have discovered during the month. I have been using humour in some of my stories and those are the ones that are proving to be the most popular. So, I am going to continue along the theme.

I am going to combine this prompt with this week’s flash fiction for aspiring writers.


Thank you Barbara Taylor for supplying our prompt photo this week!


It was all very strange. Here I was sitting on a bench that was somehow resting on a cloud. How did I end up here? I was staring at a body of water towards a city that I thought I knew. I scrunched up my eyes and tried to find something that would help me figure out where I was.

I tentatively put my feet on the cloud to see whether or not I could put my whole weight through nothing at all without falling to my death. Surprisingly, I could do just that and I managed to stand on my own two feet and walking towards the water.

“Drunk again?” A voice called out from behind me.

Whirling around caused me to lose my balance and land with a heavy thud on the ground I instantly recognised as pavement. As the chill seeped into my skin I realise that I was lying on snow and not cloud as I have previously believed.

As I sat up my eyes fixed on my friend. “Never again.”

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers


26 thoughts on “Story a day: Day 31/FFfAW

  1. Nice dreamscape! Can I nudge you to the sentence ‘As the chill … previously believed’ (realise and took?)
    Bravo on getting through the month. I think I’d like to do that soon too.

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    1. Thank you for pointing that one out, I have corrected it now is I read through that so many times as well… Typical!
      The story a day challenge happens every May and sometimes in September. The website is
      Thank you for reading!

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  2. The first thing that struck me about this piece Angie was how well it is written, so if the month has given you insights into your strengths then you are doing very well.

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