Story a day: Day twenty-eight

It is day twenty-eight already of the story a day challenge for May. So, today’s prompt is:

The prompt

Write a story paying attention to the pacing

I tend to write lots of flash fiction and the pacing of these would be that you hit the ground running. Everything is over and done with and wrapped up very quickly. To demonstrate this I am going to do a one hundred word story today.

Watery end

Annabel was standing on the edge of the cliff looking at the waves crash against the rocks below her. The realisation that she was alone in the world game with all of the noise from below. Even the water had the company of the waves receding after pounding the rocks with some kind of anger.

How had it come to this? Her life had seemingly been perfect not long ago with the growing presence within her. It receded just like the waves, and with it so did her husband. Just when she needed him the most.

Annabel let herself fall.


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