Story a day: Day twenty-seven

So here we are at day twenty-seven of the story a day prompts. Today’s prompt is:

The prompt

Write to your natural length

I am not sure what my natural length actually is because I write short fiction, micro-fiction, and longer pieces. However, when I read the tips of this it said to use a scene from your work in progress. I have never done that this month (cough) so guess what I am going to do! I am actually going to do the scene that I am currently working on, so expect to be thrown in that the deep end when it comes to characters!

Feel free to ask me any questions 🙂


Jordan was sitting with his hands folded under his chin as he listened intently to Robert telling stories of the world today. In an attempt to get their minds off worrying about Alice they had started teaching Jordan about living in the day and age. Jordan could safely say that he had learnt a lot over the past few days and now he felt better equipped to survive if the need ever came.

It was strange to think that only a short time ago he would have given anything to go home but now he knew that he didn’t really want that opportunity because that would mean that he had to leave Alice. Jordan was well aware that he was going to have to make that decision at some point.

He was not going to think about that until it was the actual time.

A noise caught his attention from around the back garden and he was instantly on alert. He jumped to his feet and motioned for Robert to be silent. “Somebody is here!” His first thought was that Warren had found them and had arrived to take him back. All of the various cuts and bruises had only just begun to fade, but the actual experience had left him with scars that were never going to heal. They were buried deep within his mind. He instantly took up the typical fight or flight stance in the middle of the living room as he debated whether he should hide.

Robert, on the other hand, looked extremely relaxed and even slightly amused by Jordan’s fear. “Do you really believe he would sneak round the back?” He walked towards the back door that was situated in the kitchen. “I think this is what we’ve actually been waiting for. Alice.”

Jordan’s face faded from the expression of terror and replaced it with an air of excitement. There actually wasn’t a great deal of difference physically as both let caused parted lips and a quickening of breath. Mind you, a sudden burst of colour lit up his cheeks and a glimmer of light danced within those piercing blue eyes. He sped towards the door and wrenched it open to step outside for the first time since he had arrived.

As he moved towards the back gate the feathers on his white wings fluttered slightly in the breeze. The gate opened and he reached out to capture Alice within his arms. He drew back has his extended fingers touched different skin. The worry about Warren was very quick to return. Jordan took several steps backwards.

“It’s only me, Jordan.” Dave made his way into the garden. “Alice has told me everything and all I want to do is help. She is right behind me because we decided to have a race which is something we used to do

As he was speaking Alice stumbled into the garden and kicked the gate shut behind her. “I swear you must have cheated!” She glared at Dave but there was no malice behind it.

Jordan stepped towards the girl and enfolded her in his arms. “It is so good to see you, Alice.”

She leaned into his embrace. “I could say the same thing. Ever since I saw you in that room and saw what he was doing it was terrible not knowing whether Robert had managed to get you out. There was nothing I wanted to do more than come over and check.”

“You trained me well.” Robert walked over to the small group and shook hands with Dave. “Hello Dave, my name is Robert. Welcome to our world. Now, do you want a coffee?”

“Yes please.” Dave instantly followed Robert back inside.

Left on their own the couple looked at each other completely unsure of what to do next. It was strange for the both of them now that any pretence of not having feelings had disappeared. He held onto her tightly. “Thank you for coming back for me.” Even though he completely meant that statement there was a part of him that wished she had stayed away from Warren and his partner.

His breath caught as he realised that he was going to have to break the news that he had learnt to Alice. Jordan felt as though his heart was breaking for her because he knew that was exactly what she would be feeling when he told her. He let his fingers tangle in her hair as he moved to meet their lips in their very first kiss.

The intensity of the emotions flooding through his system was met with a similar urgency behind the reciprocation.

There were no words to describe it.

It was due to the need to breathe that the two broke apart. She rested her forehead against his shoulder as she gasped for breath. “I have dreamed of this moment so many times.”

“Not as many as me.” Jordan dropped a kiss on the top of her head. “Now, I am not sure that I want to let you go.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t. I am certainly not complaining.” She closed her eyes and Jordan felt her eyelashes brush the skin of his neck.

He gave a small noise of desire and scooped her up to carry her inside.


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