TLT: Seller

photo by Wynand von Poortvliet – click here for full res version

“Nobody is going to buy that, Vivian, have you taken leave of your senses?”

“I don’t see why not,” I huffed in anger as I built the new display.

“Besides, not everybody is a rope racist… Some people like orange!”

Written for three line tales

28 thoughts on “TLT: Seller

  1. Haha. Went with quotes. One reason, I too I felt that orange colour was hideous. I think we dislike colours that don’t suit us. Orange looks good on my brother who has more tanned skin and brown hair for instance. It used to be his favourite colour.

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      1. Yeah, I have to say much of my wardrobe is black and grey – Winter much of the year kind of makes it end up that way. Thanks

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      1. At first, I could only think of ‘The Deadliest Catch’ – a show about Crab Fishing Boats. Very cold, dangerous, potentially profitable work, but also requires great skill and tenacity to be successful.

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      2. Yeah. I think different colours for different people are like that. Colour theory is very interesting, how we are drawn to each colour and what each colour is synonymous with. I that respect, I think our favourite colours say a lot about our personalities. I can definitely see you liking orange – warm, energetic, etc. It suits you 😉 My fav colour is light blue, I think it denotes peacefulness and relaxation. But also it is the colour for creativity 🙂

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      3. Very interesting! My favorite color is actually black, navy blue, charcoal…I do like orange…but hadn’t really thought about colors with regard to personalities — Brilliant!

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