Story a day: Day twenty-three

Okay, here we go with day twenty-three of the story a day challenge. The prompt for today was:

Watch Your Tone

Look back at your stories from this month and see which tone comes most naturally to you…

Continuing the journey of discovering what comes naturally to you and harnessing that.

The prompt

Story focusing on one consistent tone

I am not really sure what tone comes naturally to me as I write everything very differently. I have dark stories, light stories, thriller stories… You know everything. However what I do like to do is to have some kind of twist in the tale. I’m not sure you can actually do that when you are doing a single tone.

So, I am going to go with the voice of my antagonist, Warren because I really enjoy the complexity as well as the cruelty that goes along in the characters mind.

I am guessing that the general tone of this is going to be dark.

A meeting of minds.

When Alice met Jordan she automatically remembered him from her dream of the night before. This was exactly what I was hoping for by introducing her to a Guardian. I rocked back on my heels as the triumphant smile was growing on my face. She whispered his name and then stood there in shock. I knew that she was trying to work out ways she had known the name from and I was waiting for her to realise it was the dream.

Her mind had been trying to remember the dream all morning and I know this because she had told me earlier that there was something she was forgetting. I just looked at her and pretended to be patient. I really wasn’t. I wanted to actually pick up the girl and shake her for being so slow but I knew that that was not going to be helpful.

Jordan gave me a glance and I realised that he knew exactly what Alice was even if she didn’t. This was definitely the right idea and I could have given myself a pat on the back for thinking about it. Mentally I was doing just that.

That was when he opened his mouth and almost broke the spell. “Yes. I am assuming that Warren told you my name?”

Relief flooded her face as she convinced herself that this was the truth. “That must be it.”

I could feel the frustration within me burning through my mind. Mind you, at least I now knew that this was definitely the way to wake those powers within Alice. All I had to do now was to somehow get her to go into his caravan when he was asleep. If she touched him then she would arrive in history and the powers would be woken. I knew that he was going to tell much, if anything, to her that day so she would be coming to complain. That meant it was going to be very easy to convince her to break in overnight to try and find something out. Obviously, I would have to drug the girl so that she was asleep and I could manipulate her mind properly.

My mind was over running with possibilities.

“Will there be anything else?”

Damn. I had been thinking so much that I wasn’t listening to the question being asked. “I’m sorry Alice, I was miles away just then. What was that?”

Alice gave me a brilliant smile that you only get from people completely besotted with you. Again, I was proud of myself. “I was just saying that I suppose today will be all about getting to know Jordan. You won’t be wanting us to go on the stage just yet, will you?”

I shook my head. “Not today.” I managed to give Jordan a glance and was thrilled to say that he looked exceedingly nervous at the prospect of being left alone with Alice. This made me feel absolutely wonderful and I was instantly biting back a fit of giggles.

As I look back towards Alice I could not help but add in my head, ‘tonight maybe.’

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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