Story a day: Day twenty-two

We have finally reached week three of the story a day challenge. I’m not sure what the theme of the week is going to be because it doesn’t actually say on the website. All it does say is that we are going to be focusing on everything we have done so far.

So, today’s prompt is:

The prompt

Write a story in the voice that came most easily to you this month.

Now, this would be the story that I wrote in the first person from the point of view of my antagonist. I am not sure if this makes me some kind of psycho, LOL, probably. Mind you, it doesn’t stop it being true. So, I am going to write a story from his childhood.


We were always having to move around. Mother says that this is all for my own good although I am not convinced. I mean, it is not like anybody is ever going to remember those dreams or anything that is said or done within them. I can only suppose that she was somehow paranoid about this. Whenever she thought that we had got the maximum out of those people in the area we were going to move along.

I hated this process and wish them nothing more than to settle down somewhere. I don’t mean to have a family of my own or anything like that. I don’t consider myself to be old enough to want children of my own. That, and I could well believe that I was much too selfish to ever want a child or a person hanging around that I would have to pretend to love. No way. Everything was just me and I could not imagine putting anybody else before myself.

No, I just mean I want to settle down and not have to keep uprooting myself. The making of the new friends and things like that was extremely tedious. I really disliked pretending to be interested in other people’s lives. It was so much easier when I could tell them within their dream that they really enjoyed my company. This beginning part where I made the actual effort to form friendships was tiring.

One day I was going to stay in one place with a group of people that I can control at all times. The promise had been made and I did not doubt that I would be able to pull it off. Mother told me I was wrong, of course, because she said that it was a lot better to use people quickly and once you had gained what you needed from them you should move along before anyone could point the finger of suspicion.

I was just going to have to prove her wrong.

Until then, I did not really have a choice in this situation. I was going to have to follow wherever my parents chose to lead me.

Loading myself into the back of the waiting limousine, I muttered my own unhappiness to the empty car as I waited to leave.

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