Story a day: Day twenty-one

Okay, here we go with another day of the story a day challenge. The prompt today was a very open one, and it is:

The Prompt

Begin your story with the line: “Huh!” He said. “I never would have thought that would fit in there…”

I have decided to make this a two hundred word story.

Hope you enjoy it.


“Huh!” He said. “I would never have thought that would fit in there…”

His companion turned to him and smiled. “I told you it was going to fit in there so I suppose I get to gloat that I was right. You know, again.”

Bob pushed his fingers through his hair. “Okay. You don’t have to rub it in.” He walked over and looked at the closed suitcase. “Are you sure that everything is in here?”

“Would you take me for? I told you that it was going to fit and it did.” Martin tapped the top of the suitcase proudly. “Packing well was just one of the things that my mother taught me.”

The first man couldn’t help but laugh as his friend said the words. “I am not sure what else I want to find out that your mother taught you.”

Martin grinned. “The benefits of cleaning up, obviously.”

“Obviously. Now, let’s go and get this thing delivered.” As he pulled the suitcase over the floor he noticed it leaving a trail of blood. “What the hell?”

“It seems I haven’t inherited her skill at wrapping. I kind of had to cut off the head so it’d fit.”

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