Story a day: Day twenty

Okay, we have arrived at day twenty of the story a day challenge. It has been a whole lot of fun so far and I believe it has helped hone my writing skills, or at least getting me going every day on something.

We have arrived at this prompt:

The Prompt

Write a Fan Fiction Story

Now, I used to write fanfiction quite a lot of the time but it had nothing to do with TV shows or book characters. It was about a certain band and relationships that were created around the members or even between the members.

Don’t panic, I am not about to write something like that to put on my blog. Mind you, one of my favourites has become my work in progress so, you kind of have to give fanfiction its own credit along the way.

So I started thinking about what TV programmes I watched. They are not that many of these at the moment that leave any back story as a mystery. For example, criminal minds have given a story to the main characters and even some of the criminals featured within it. I am not sure I could write a story that will make any kind of sense.

When I first started writing, I was writing in a role-playing game about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spin-off show, Angel. I think writing a story with these characters is probably the way to go forward.


(I have based this before Buffy officially arrived in Sunnydale)

The Bronze

As far as she was aware this was just a normal night down at the Bronze. Cordelia looked down at her outfit and gave a frown of confusion. It was a stunning blue dress made of silk from a designer that she completely forgot the name of. She loved being rich. That was beside the point, though, because she was starting to think that she was dressed completely wrong.


Harmony’s head snapped up to attention and she had a startled look on her face. “I was listening to you, honestly, I was!”

Cordelia just rolled her eyes. “It’s okay, I was just asking if there was some kind of event down here tonight.”

The blonde girl looked around with a blank expression. “What do you mean?”

“Like a fancy dress night of some description. Pay attention, Harmony. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why we are best friends.”

There was a pause. Harmony knew that she should probably have hurt feelings but as she still could not see what her friend was talking about she just shrugged it off. “Nobody looks dressed up.”

“That’s the whole point! People almost looked like they are dressed down in some way. It looks like some kind of grunge event. You know how much I like dressing up for events.” Of course, what she actually meant was that she liked dressing for events so that everyone else would look terrible. Cordelia liked to win.

“First, I’ve heard. Hey, maybe we should ask someone?”

“Do you want to make us look stupid?” Cordelia glared at her friend before stalking towards the club doors. She was looking to see if there were any posters advertising an event but there was nothing on the doors. There were not even any people taking any money.

She turned around to try and find her friend but a boy that she had never seen was suddenly blocking her path. She raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you going to move?”

“Do I need to?”

“Sorry mate, I guess you are new and did not know that Queen Cordelia is unable to ask for anything nicely.”

Usually, she found the presence of Xander annoying, but tonight she was actually pleased to see him there. The new guy was looking at her in a way she really disliked, and not only that but his breath smell as if he had crawled out of something that had died. It really wasn’t a pleasant thing. Instead of thanking Xander she moved to push past both of the boys. “I will leave you nobodies to get acquainted and had to talk to people might actually be somebody.”

The stranger actually had the audacity to reach out and try to grab her arm. “I never gave you permission to go.”

“I don’t need your permission. Get out of my way.”

“You don’t need to grab her…” Xander was cut off as the stranger easily pushed him aside.

Cordelia looked around for the security that was usually standing in the door. She saw nobody so she looked back at the stranger. “Last chance. Move.”

“Or you are going to, what?”

Before Cordelia could even manage to work an answer out inside her head the stranger seemed to explode in a flurry of dust. A piece of wood clattered to the floor at her feet as she started coughing. She thought she saw someone sporting a blonde ponytail running away. Harmony did not have her hair tied back. Cordelia was completely confused.

“What the hell was that?”

“No idea, Xander, maybe he was some kind of performance artist trying to make an impression. Not really made an impression, though, because all I can think about is that he has completely ruined my new dress.”


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