Story a day: Day eighteen

Okay, this is what I did yesterday for the story a day prompt. I didn’t get around to posting it yesterday because I was away from the computer! I am doing this one today because they could not think the story behind a painting, LOL! The prompt was:

The prompt

Write a story ripped from the headlines

It didn’t take very long to locate a headline that I just had to write a story about! Some things are just of a certain level of stupid that it takes a moment to work out what has happened. The following headline is one of those bizarre things…

Turtle smashes through car windscreen at 80mph… wait, what?

The story that I want to write about this rather bizarre news story is the account of the EMT who responded to the call!

Please note: This is just a fictional piece of writing because I have no idea what the actual EMT would have been thinking!

Not the usual

It felt like a normal day and even look like a normal afternoon. It was probably close to Rush hour time when the call came in. I just gave a roll of my eyes because I fully expected that it was going to be some kind of road traffic accident that was about to cause chaos with the traffic. My partner set down the bottle that she had been taking a drink from and gave me a look suggesting that she thought the same thing.

I pressed the button to answer the call. “This is Tango 18 responding and ready for duty. What is the situation?”

“Tango 18, we have received a rather strange report from a female driver that needs to be investigated. As far as we are aware there are no casualties.”

I frowned and looked over at my partner, her shrug echoed my confusion. “If there are no casualties are you sure that we are needed to respond?”

“Tango 18, no specific details have been sent and, better to be safe than sorry, we are going to respond with everything that we may need.”

“Understood. Tango 18 ready for instruction.” The dispatcher told me the position we were heading to and I pulled into the quick moving traffic as it headed down the freeway. “What kind of incident is it?”

“Apparently her windscreen was broken when something hit it at full speed.”

My mind was instantly working in overtime because I was envisioning somebody may be cut by the glass or from any debris. I noticed my partner writing on her pad and I assume that she was thinking the same things as me.

“Does she know what hit it?”

“Well, this is where it gets a bit fuzzy. She says it was a turtle.” I was lucky that traffic wasn’t queueing in front of me at this point because I just stared in disbelief at the radio. I didn’t even dare glance towards my partner because I am well aware that she would have looked as shocked as I felt. “Tango 18? Did you copy?”

“Did you say turtle?”


“You do me no slow-moving animals with a shell?”


“How on earth did one of them go through her windscreen?”

“This is what needs to be investigated. What is your ETA?”

“Three minutes.”

“I don’t even know what to say.” Diane was frowning as he looked ahead of her.

“There are probably no words, Diane.” Like her, I had my eyes fixed on the road ahead rather than risking looking her in the eye. “I guess we just have to go along and do our job.”

There was a pause. “This can’t be right, can it?”

“I can’t see how this can be true, maybe it is something that looks like a turtle? Like an ornament?”

“We see some strange things, but a flying turtle seems like a stretch too far.”

As we pulled up near the car we both stood and stared in disbelief at the car. Nobody was going to believe this back at the station so I pulled out my phone and took a picture.


9 thoughts on “Story a day: Day eighteen

  1. I saw his on the news yesterday. It is pretty crazy. Great pick to do as story on as a paramedic. Apparently, a car ran over the turtle, flipped the turtle up and it’s shell hit this lady’s windshield. She did have a cut or two in her face from the shattered glass (so you would need paramedics) and the turtle was fine and returned to the water where he swam away. I would have loved to see the pic your character took 🙂

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