SPF: Uneventful

156 05 May 15th 2016

Of all places that Janine had considered she would be bored in, a cable car was never one of them. They were always places of excitement within a book or even on the TV, with something dramatic usually happening.

However, this trip had been ten minutes long already and nothing was happening. No avalanches, no cracking cables, and definitely no escaping fugitives breaking into their car. Nothing but gentle swaying as the cables moved towards their destination.

Her mother looked at her and sighed. “This may not be as exciting as you expected, but, then again, I don’t really want to be caught in some kind of cable car disaster movie!”

She looked up through her short dark hair and twiddled with the toggle of her duffel coat. “I don’t want that, but… You know… I just want something interesting to happen. Nothing ever goes on in my life.”

“That’s not true.”

“Fine. Nothing worth mentioning to people.”

The car came to a smooth stop and the door slid open. As Janine stepped outside she managed to slip over and fell with a thud taking some guy down in the snow with her. Her mother giggled. “Can I mention that?”

Written for Sunday photo fiction

19 thoughts on “SPF: Uneventful

    1. I think she was hoping for a fugitive like James Bond… But I’d rather not experience anything like that in a cable car! Mind you, I am sure she would have rather not have experienced what she did! Thanks for reading.

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