Story a day: Day eleven

We have reached day eleven of the story a day challenge. We have left the structure behind us and we are now going to work on the setting.

The prompt is:

The Prompt

Write a story in which the setting is key

So, this is my go.


I jumped down from my hiding place within a tree and grimaced as my thudding body seemed to make enough noise to raise the dead. The movement was supposed to be silent rather than announcing my presence. I stood very still listening for any sign that I had given myself away to my pursuer. There was no noise except my breathing which seemed to be ragged and full of nervous energy. There was no crunching leaves or the snapping of twigs that would have indicated someone was heading my way. I found myself doing a fist pump.

The need for movement was pretty apparent as I stood out like a sore thumb dressed in my red jumper amongst all of this greenery. The way that I had come look the most promising because my pursuer had gone further into the woods. I decided to run certain that my feet were going to make less of a noise to tell anybody where I was.

Running down the forest path meant that there was less crunching of leaves but more of the sounds of gravel flicking. I could hear nothing except for my own movements and grasping of breath. At that moment, some kind of undergrowth snagged itself around my ankle causing me to plummet to the floor with a howl of pain. The smell of the disturbed greenery wafted over me. I clapped my hand over my mouth to stop myself from making any other noise.

Standing up seem to take forever and now all of my clothing was covered in the sheen of mud. I looked up at the sun filtering through the canopy and making dappled patterns on the floor. The spring breeze was starting to pick up and I wondered what time it was. Finally, I managed to heave my weight using a tree for balance. That was the moment that I started to panic because I realise that there was no way I would be able to get home.

Then I heard the sounds of my pursuer running towards me. Instead of any other feeling, I found myself washed with relief. I was not alone.

“Look at your clothes! Mum is going to kill you!” My brother, Daniel, walked towards me and smirked as he tapped my arm lightly. “I found you, Amelia, so I get to win for a change… Wait, are you hurt?”

It was all I could do to sadly nod my head. “My ankle…”

“I’ll get dad.”

As I watched Daniel running down the path of the forest towards where we were having a picnic I let myself slump down on the floor and actually enjoyed the cold dampness of the spring freshness pressing into my clothes and skin. This had been an eventful game of hide and seek.

10 thoughts on “Story a day: Day eleven

  1. Well, you certainly had me going. This had all the tension and feel of a thriller, and not just a brother and sister playing a game of hide and seek. I think this is your best “story a day” yet 🙂

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