Story a day: day ten

We have reached day ten of the story a day challenge, and today’s prompt was a difficult one to think of a story around. The prompt is as follows:

The Prompt

tell a story using the Hansel & Gretel story structure

I am going to give this one a go 🙂 as usual, no guarantee that this will actually make sense!

The murder

It was hard to comprehend that there was nothing I could do. I had only gone outside for a few moments to get some air, but when I turned back a shadowy figure bolted past me and there was a distinct smell of blood. My entire family had been wiped out in a senseless attack. I walked  back into the room where we have been celebrating my wedding and I just stood there with my hand over my mouth. I went from person to person checking for vital signs of life and managed to get blood all over my wedding dress.

With a cry of horror, I realised that it was not only my family, but it was my entire village. I was completely alone in the world.

Unable to look at the devastation anymore I ran outside. The tears stained my face as blood now stained my pure white dress. I was standing in the car park of the venue, but I was unclear on which car belonged to which person. It was then that I noticed the car that was actually open. The door seemed so inviting that I found myself walking towards it as if in a daze.

Of course, with hindsight, I realised that none of the guests at the wedding would have left their car open like that. I shouldn’t have been surprised to realise that the car belonged to whoever the killer was. A gun was resting on the passenger seat and, without thinking, I reached my hand to take it.

A man suddenly growled at me from the back seat as he took my wrist in his grip. He was easily stronger than me so I relented as he pulled me into the car. He looked at my stained dress and smiled which annoyed me greatly. How dare this man smile about what he had done? I was shaking with anger rather than fear as they gazed at the stranger.

“Why?” It was the only questions I actually cared about asking.

“Nothing personal, darling, it was just a big gathering and we like to make a statement.”

My hands balled themselves into fists and I spoke through gritted teeth. “Nothing personal? How very dare you? That is my entire family in there.”

Again he smirked. “You are not the one with power.” To emphasise his point he waved the gun so that it was pointing towards me. “I can’t believe that I have my own runaway bride to play with.”

When he reached his hand towards me something in my mind just snapped. Using strength I never knew I had I managed to kick away his advances. My hands grabbed the headrest of the seat in front of me which I pulled out. Holding onto the metal I swung it towards him and gave a cry of victory as it hit the target and knocked him onto the seat. I did not even check whether he was bleeding or not before I escaped the car and ran towards what I hoped would be a new life.

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