Story a day: Day nine

Day nine of the story a day challenge brings another day of the story structure idea. Today the story prompt is:

The Ugly Duckling Story Structure

Continuing our look at story structure, today I have a structure based on the story of the ugly duckling.

The prompt

Write a story based on the Ugly Duckling structure

this is actually quite a challenge to come up with an idea because you kind of think that you are going to end up writing the ugly duckling story completely. Hopefully, I am able to pull this one off.


All I ever wanted was to have a place that I felt like I belonged. You know, my own home and the ability to provide for my family. I felt like I owed a general protection towards my family because I thought that they ought to be kept safe. If you had told me even one year ago that things were going to get so desperate that I felt forced into taking my family to follow everybody else fleeing my country I would have laughed in your face.

How quickly times change. We suddenly turned from a country with cities that rivaled everybody else and now we look like some kind of Third World country with the abandoned houses. All we could do was to hope the people we once knew had found safety.

Syria was a Muslim country and, as such, we believed in nothing but peace. We did not judge anyone based on gender, ethnicity, or sexuality. I mean, we believe that women should cover up, but we did not prevent them from getting an education or anything like that. We had our own set of beliefs, of course, but we did not believe in trying to push them onto other people.

That changed when the group ISIS started to show themselves and destroyed the peaceful life that we had chosen to lead. When they arrived in the city’s the crushing hand of their rule began to show itself and we found a sweltering forced into some kind of secluded lifestyle that seemed to be against everything in the Koran. They were destroying ancient buildings, violently killing people, and trying to push us into a strict regime.

There is no way that I wanted my children to grow up in this kind of environment. I was debating this when the effects of this group brought forward the anger of so many other people. Not that I blame them for a second. The so-called Islamic state had created atrocities around Europe because they said that the behavior was somehow against the Koran. This is definitely not true, and we would like to distance ourselves from this group claiming to act on our behalf. Anyway, that was when the bombs started raining down causing even further bloodshed.

It was the last straw and I grabbed my family members and join the ever-growing number fleeing the country. I really did not want to go because that was my home and it held so many great memories. I just could not stay there. Suddenly me and my family were refugees.

Somehow we made the dangerous journey and ended up in Europe. I found that quite funny because it was the place that ISIS did not want us to be. Ever. Apparently, the Koran forbade it.

When we reached Europe we were sent around from pillar to post because nobody wanted to take in what they all saw as terrorists. I tried to explain that we were nothing like them but it all seemed to fall on deaf ears.

We ended up on a train heading towards Germany. It was there that everything seemed to change because there were people standing by the station with banners to welcome us into their country. I could have cried, and probably did.

I never knew that we were going to be lucky. I had heard so many horror stories about people who are trying to flee that group. Somehow, the group of strangers holding their banners made up for everyone who had ignored us because we were just terrorists. They all seemed insignificant now.

There were videos everywhere popping up of the refugees being welcomed into all of the countries of Europe that an Islamic state wanted us to hate. It was like the perfect revenge.

It was me waiting for the day take seemingly significant that I could join the Armed Forces of this wonderful country so that I could oppose Islamic state properly. When that day came I was going to be able to return to my home.

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