Story a day: day eight

I have made it to week two of the story a day challenge. This week is all about the elements of the story and getting more into the nitty-gritty of building a story. This being the case, the first prompt that we received for the week is:

The Prompt

Write A Story With a “Cinderella Story Structure”

For those of you don’t know, the Cinderella story structure is try, fail, try, fail, try, fail, life changing event.

So let’s give this one a try!

Making the story

Matilda glanced at the photo that she was going to use a prompt for the short story she was going to write that day. The ideas started flowing around her head so she was determined to make it to the keyboard so that she could bring her ideas to life. At this point, she thought her biggest problem was going to be deciding which of the various plotlines she was considering were going to make it onto the page.

Around the placed herself in front of the computer and booted it up. When the loading screen had disappeared she settled herself down with the cup of tea next to her and was ready to begin writing. She looked again at the photograph and began typing.

It was almost as if somebody had been watching because that very second the phone rang pulling her away from the screen to answer it. It turned out to be her mother who considered that writing was a waste of time. Miranda managed to end the phone conversation before it turned into a full-blown argument. As she hung up, she felt herself start to smile because she was well aware that an argument would have cost her the inspiration she felt.

So, once again she sat down and began typing.

Just as she really got into the writing experience there was a knock at the door. Miranda was half tempted to just ignore it so that she could continue typing. Sadly, her window was situated at the front of the house so within moments the window was being knocked.

Miranda heaved a sigh and got up to answer the door. It turned out to be her best friend, Sarah. Unfortunately, Sarah did not quite understand the writing process as she seemed to think that writing just happened rather than somebody working on it.

“Sarah, I told you that you should call round later in the evening. I am trying to write something at the moment.”

“Knowing you, you have been writing this for hours. Somebody has to make sure that you take a break. Come on, let’s go and have a cup of tea in your garden. I bet you don’t even know that the weather is really nice today do you? We could make an event of it and maybe have lunch out somewhere.”


“I am not going to take no for an answer.” Sarah linked her arm through Miranda’s and dragged her from the house.

It was hours later that Miranda managed to return home where she instantly went to her computer to start typing her short story. The inspiration that she had felt earlier that morning seem to be vanishing by the minute. She was going to have to work really hard to remember all of the ideas that she had had that morning.

That was the moment of a power cut.

Miranda could have screamed in frustration as she found herself looking at a dark screen and she knew that all of her work had disappeared, probably for good. It was not like she could do it on paper because it was an online challenge.

Mind you, as she walked around the house she started writing notes on the page of a notebook so that she could go back to it when everything came to life.

It seemed that even God did not want her to write today. She knew that this probably a terrible thought and she was going to go to hell for even thinking it, but, at that moment, she really believed it.

It was at that moment that she had a Eureka moment. She was instantly on the phone to the local Internet cafe where she discovered that the power was still on. Quickly she counted the money in her purse before dashing outside to clamber into her car. As she drove to the Cafe she was grinning uncontrollably. This story was finally going to get itself written.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

2 thoughts on “Story a day: day eight

  1. Oh yeah, I can so relate to that, Angie. You’ve captured the life of a writer beautifully…desire, frustration, thwarted, determination, success. LOL it doesn’t always happen in that order though.

    Liked by 1 person

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