Story a day: day seven

Day seven of the challenge is like my worst nightmare! Anybody who knows me knows that I struggle with dialogue, so imagine my horror when I read this:

We’re changing tack today: writing in dialogue!

The Prompt

Write a story containing only dialogue

I am not one that shying away from a challenge, so I am definitely going to give this a go!


“Where do you think you are going?”

“Class. I told you this.”

“I would’ve remembered if you told me anything about going out tonight. Seriously, Melanie, do you expect me to just stay in and look after the children? That is never going to happen because I have made plans to go out with my friends. What you mean class? Are you really trying to better yourself? You know that it’s never going to happen!”

“There is no need to be like, Charles. I told you all about this yesterday. I am going to art class.”

“Well, you are not because I have made plans.”

“This is only one night.”

“I don’t really care how often it is because you’re not going anywhere!”

“I have been looking forward to this for quite a long time. Is there no way that you can just rearrange your plans? I mean, why don’t your friends come here?”

“You want me to bring my friends here?”

“Somebody has to stay in with the children.”

“That is your job. Not mine.”

“They are your children as well, you know.”

“I would hope they are mine. Mind you, that still doesn’t take away from the fact you should be looking after them. I have a job to provide the money around here, so I expect that everything else is down to you. I need my nights out to relax.”

“You go out every night.”


“I never go out. I need to demand that you let me have this one night.”

“Melanie, you are not the one that can demand in this household.”

“It is about time that changed!”

“Sorry about this, darling, but you are not going to change a single thing. Now, go back into the kitchen and take the coat off. I forbid you from going anywhere.”

“I will be back in two hours. Children go to bed at 9 PM, so I expect them to be tucked up when I get home.”

“I am going to go out with my friends whether you are here or not. Do you really want to look like the neglectful mother?”

“If you are not here when I get back I will be ringing the police. Imagine how embarrassing it will be for you getting arrested in front of all your friends. Now, I am going to go to my class. See you later.”


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