Story a day: day six

Okay, we are now onto day six of this challenge and I am still enjoying the process of being given a different kind of prompt every day. There were two prompts given today but they were actually the opposite of each other. One was to tell the real you and the other one was this:

Today we’re turning yesterday’s prompt inside out.

The Prompt

Write a story about a character as unlike you as you can manage

So, for the first time I have been forced to make a choice between the two challenges as it is very difficult to write the opposite of yourself and to tell your own story at the same time.

I have chosen a character that is definitely unlike me but I really enjoy writing him. That would actually be the antagonist of my work in progress, Warren Forbes. (At least, I hope he is not like me!)

I am going to put him in a situation that is not exactly related to my work in progress because I am trying to get into his mind!

Running late

Warren was late again, but he really could not care less about anybody waiting for him. They could just wait. Instead of looking at the clock and maybe speeding a little in his car, he was actually doing the exact opposite. He crawled along the road at a pedestrian pace because he felt like annoying the driver behind him.

It was nobody that he knew, he just decided that he wanted a piece of fun to lighten his mood on this Monday morning. Whenever the person tried to overtake him he would speed up making the effort impossible. However, when they gave up he returned to driving slowly.

The whole thought of somebody getting more and more frustrated in the car behind him was enough to make him smile. He kept glancing into the mirror trying to see the drivers face. Warren wanted to experience the anger building up inside the driver that try all he might he never got to catch a glimpse.

That would never do because now he was the one getting frustrated.

When they took a turning and disappeared he sighed.

Knowing that he was going to be called all sorts of names at his work would have to be enough to amuse him. He started to think about all those people that had arrived in that office for the monthly team meeting. They could not go ahead until the boss got there, and because that was him they were pretty much screwed. He smirked and rubbed his hands over the steering wheel.

He loved the fact that his mother had put him into this job at such a high level. That was the perk of being family. Although being rich obviously helped.

Warren was so busy thinking about his situation, he almost did not notice the car pull out in front of him. It was only that driver that he been trying to annoy. There must have been local, he realised, as he slammed his fist against the dashboard. That person obviously knew the way navigating the streets of the estate to come out in front of him.

His foot crushed down on the accelerator as a scowl took over his features. He pulled alongside them so that he could glance over. What he found was that the driver of that car was a female. She raised her hand in a wave and then pointed down the road towards an oncoming car.

Warren found that he had no choice but to drop behind her once again. Now he was really mad. Not only had he been beaten; but he had been beaten by a woman. That sort of thing should never be allowed.

His employees were going to suffer for this.

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