Story a day: Day five

Okay, it is day five of the challenge and I am enjoying it thoroughly so far. Today we are back to having two prompts again so I am going to try and combine them.

The first one is:

Today I’m limiting your character choices.

The Prompt

Write a story featuring a character very like you

And the second one is:

Today’s prompt comes from editor Stuart Horowitz, author of the Book Architecture method and all-round top chap. If you get a chance to hear him talk at a writers’ conference or meeting, run, don’t walk! He’ll help you look at story structure in a whole new (and, in my opinion, more accessible) way than you’ve come across before. And possibly blow your head wide open, all the better for stories to fall out of it!

The Prompt

Write A Story Set In A Time Period You Connect With

I guess that people may think me a little bit strange because of the time that I have chosen. Basically, I have chosen this because I studied this when I was doing my A-levels at school. I always believed that you should write what you know, and this is a period a lot about! So, the time period that I chose is the French Revolution.

Never thought

I never thought it would come to this. When the whole revolution started I actually believe that we were safe. Whatever this new class, I think they called themselves the bourgeoisie, were planning to do I never thought that it would touch the nobility. And yet, here I was, huddled under some creaky floorboards simply praying that I would not be found. I reached for my husband’s hand and gripped his fingers tightly. He was shaking as well as we sat cocooned in the darkness.

I am not sure who had reported us to the infamous Robespierre, but here we were hiding in the darkness as if we were criminals. The silks of my blue gown were ruined but I was not in the state of mind to consider the state of my clothing.

We heard the great crash as those outside broke down our door and stepped into the great house. Taking a deep breath in I pressed closer to the body of my husband and tried to seek comfort in his warmth. We heard them walking around the house, and had no choice but just listen as they smashed anything that they found. I suddenly realised that they were going to burn down the house and there was no way that we would get out without them discovering we were actually alive. We were going to die if we stayed or if we left.

There was nowhere to go.

That was the moment I realised what I had to do. I pressed my lips to my husband’s cheek before I whispered to him, “I am going to distract them. Grab my baby and go.”

He shook his head as his eyes went wide. There was no stopping me, I was the mother and that needed to save her offspring. The life of my child was far more important than my own. With that thought, I clambered out of my hiding place to go and find the ones that had broken in.

“I am the traitor that you are looking for and I am willing to face the consequences of my actions. Yes, I referred to someone as Mlle instead of citizen. This was my mistake and nobody else’s.”

I was grabbed roughly and escorted out of the building. I glanced back in time to see them throw their burning torches into the house. There was no way that I could stop the tears from flowing as I watched my beautiful home go up in flames for no apparent reason.

As I was placed on the cart and knew I would be meeting the guillotine on the scaffold within the day. I was not afraid to die.

I could only hope that my husband and Amelia, my daughter, had made it out on time and escape the flames.

4 thoughts on “Story a day: Day five

  1. Great story, Angie. So sad that Robespierre went from being a hero of the poor and downtrodden o being the architect of the terrible time in France known as “The Terror” when just a look or a single word could have you killed.

    Liked by 1 person

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