Story a day: day two

Here we are on day two of the story a day challenge.

Again there were two prompts that I am going to attempt to merge into one story. No time limit on this one, so I should be able to read through it and cut out those stupid mistakes! Mind you, the focus this week is on quantity rather than quality.

The first prompt is called fourth-grade spelling list, and it is as follows:

The Prompt

Write a story containing all of these words from a fourth-grade spelling list.

  • Blame
  • State
  • Frame
  • Holiday
  • Relay
  • Waist
  • Pail
  • Gain
  • Raise
  • Mayor
  • Airplane
  • Remain

This is a ridiculous and fun little exercise. Try it!

The second prompt sets the theme of the story, and it as follows:

Today’s guest prompt is from the legendary Jerry B. Jenkins, co-author of the Left Behind series and many, many other best sellers, and a host of the fabulously generous writing resource: I’ve been poking around inside his new Writers’ Guild (a membership site for writers). It’s well worth a look, and I’ll be posting a review of it later in the summer.

The Prompt

You head the credit union at a company that requires employees to explain needs for loans. One pleads privately for confidentiality, and you talk to the board into his loan, based on their trust in you. You go to your grave without revealing his secret, which is…

Okay, here we go!



When I handed over money it was just another day at the office for me. I would certainly never feel any guilt for helping this guy out when he needed it most.

It may no difference to me I had given the money to the Mayor of our wonderful city. I was well aware that he was going to use it to buy himself a holiday where he would fly on an airplane into some American state. Well, everybody needed to believe that it was just a holiday rather than his actual purpose. I am not sure why he wanted it to remain a secret because it definitely would have given him a gain in popularity.

It is not my job to question why my client wanted this to be a secret but it was something that he certainly didn’t want the blame to fall anywhere near him. I can only assume that he was going to frame somebody. Again, it was not my job to question.

He actually really liked the impression that people had about him being stupid. It meant that nobody was going to look in the direction of his growing waist. The only thing I was sure of was that he was going to in some kind of relay when the information was going to fly backwards and forwards in a way that nobody would ever be able to trace it.

There was absolute certainty that the plan was going to work. It is very similar to the idea that if you raise a pail from a well there will be water inside it.

Nobody was ever going to suspect Boris Johnson was behind the death of Donald Trump. I actually felt quite pleased with the fact I had helped this all to happen.

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