FFfAW: Anniversary dinner

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Graham, author of the blog, grahamisjustmyname. Thank you Graham!

It was our first wedding anniversary and I had been looking forward to a nice, romantic meal out with my husband.

As promised, we pulled up to a very expensive looking restaurant where there was even valet parking.

Inside the place was quite dark as it was lit up by candles and chandeliers that were not too bright. Marcus had certainly outdone himself this time.

When the waiter led us to our table I started to feel confused. The table was set for six people instead of a nice, quiet, table for two. I was about to voice my concerns about being directed to the wrong table when I realised that my husbandโ€™s family were waiting for us to arrive.

The romantic evening was ruined and I shot Marcus a glare as I took a seat next to his mother.

Written for flash fiction four aspiring writers

30 thoughts on “FFfAW: Anniversary dinner

  1. What a jerk. Did he promise her a nice dinner out? Dumb man doesn’t realize he still has to “date” his wife and an evening out doesn’t include his family. Well written Angie.

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      1. Yeah, he probably did. I guess you have to educate them. Reminds me of my Dad taking my Mom to a concert and bringing my Grandma along. Two birds with one stone so to speak.

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