Sunday photo fiction: Creating memories

153 04 April 24th 2016

Barry doubled up laughing as the two young boys ran screaming from the building. He was very glad that he had his broom to lean on otherwise he would have fallen over. Barry definitely loved his job but tonight was the first time that he had made a real memory that will be treasured forever. It was definitely something he could see himself telling his grandchildren as they sat around a log fire sharing stories.

Tonight was one of those times Barry wished the CCTV video had sound.

During his night shift at the museum, Barry had noticed two boys clambering through an open window. They mustโ€™ve opened it at some point during the day. They were not trying to steal anything, which was a little bit unusual. Curiously, Barry followed them until he had his idea.

Silently he scampered ahead into the room containing the animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex. He was hiding behind the Neolithic man when the boys entered the room. They were boasting about their bravery for breaking in.

Barry flicked the plug into the on position and the Tyrannosaurus rex moved his head and roared. Barry had never seen anyone move as quickly as those two boys.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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