FFfAW: Windmill shadow


This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!

Miranda laid back on the grassy Hill looked up at the sky. She fished the piece of hay from her jeans pocket and inserted the end into her mouth so she could start chewing.

In the past, she had spent many hours lying in this particular spot on the farm. She could distinctly remember hating the windmill blocking her view of the sky. Miranda had wanted to be just a little bit older so that her father would allow her to lie just that bit further away so that she could watch the clouds.

As she stared up at the windmill she found she no longer hated the overbearing shadow. In fact, she would give absolutely anything to return to her childhood days where there was no responsibility. Back then she had been able to dream.

“Mum!” The scream ripped her from her thoughts. “Bobby is throwing mud at me again. Do something!”

How she missed the carefree nature of sitting beneath the windmill shadow. With a sigh, she stood up. “Coming.”

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

20 thoughts on “FFfAW: Windmill shadow

  1. Great story. It’s so nice to be able to reflect back to the days of our childhood, but reality sets in and you have to return to it. It’s possible that her children will have some special memories of that place also.


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