Monday journal… 18 April 2016


Hello, everybody 🙂

Monday is upon us once again and it feels like forever since I was able to write on my blog. In reality, I know that I only missed one weekly journal which is better than I was expecting.

Not very surprisingly, my work in progress has not actually made any progress since I could post anything. I tell you now when you use Dragon dictation Wi-Fi is incredibly important. I am still amazed that there wasn’t any Wi-Fi in the wards. Mind you, it did have a silver lining of sorts as I have just completed another book which is always good news.

Hopefully, now I am back home and doing really well with the recovery process I will be able to start joining in with all of the various challenges. I managed to do a couple last week and really enjoyed doing them.

Anyway, I am still celebrating getting out of the hospital and enjoying my own bed and some decent food! I was finally released on Wednesday of last week and I was going stir crazy in there. Mind you, I did make some very interesting characters that could well find themselves within a story at some point!

I have very little to report because it manages to feel like I have done absolutely nothing. Oh well. See you all next week 🙂


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