Book review… Payback – Kimberly Chambers

This is the story of one family, the Butlers, who lived in London in the late 70s early 80s. Well, they lived there for longer than that the story does not really begin until the late 70s. Anyway, the family is a notorious family such as the Krays.

The main focus of the story is revenge and deceit. The main characters called Vinnie who is the firstborn of Queenie. As you begin to find out all the different cover-ups that are going on, along with the various plots, you will be left intrigued. I am reluctant to say anything about the characters and their interactions/relationships because they do not want to spoil the finding out for anyone who chooses to read this.

If you are English then you will understand what I mean by a Jeremy Kyle type story! In fact, the author should probably write them going onto that show to discuss everything because that would be very interesting 🙂 (For the Americans, Jerry Springer is probably along the same lines)

This is certainly not the kind that I would usually find myself reading. In actuality, I can’t remember what it was that maybe pick this up, but I am very glad to have done so. Apart from the overuse of the C word (which is probably fine considering the timeline) it was a very pleasant read. I found that the general style of it kept me interested throughout. Much to my surprise I really enjoyed this.

I have actually given this five out of five stars and I would highly recommend it to anyone for a very hooking story line. It has been very cleverly written and it leaves me wanting to know more about what the family does in the future. It will also be interesting to see what happens with the various plans at deception.


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