SPF: Flow

152 04 April 17th 2016

It was as though time was standing still. Well, of course, I know that it wasn’t standing still because the cars were moving quickly along the road. So quickly, in fact, all that seemed to appear were the tracks of the lights.

I stayed there for some time just watching everything flow around me. When I said it was as though time stood still I was referring to myself. You see, everything seemed to be moving except me and this confused me.

My spirit really wanted to follow the streaks of light to get to the various destinations that they were heading towards. Despite my desire to do just that I stayed leaning against the cold metal of the traffic lights.

It was getting dark, and I suddenly realised I needed to get back home. I couldn’t even remember the reason for coming out in the first place.

For one moment my lack of memory didn’t concern me. my fingers hovered over the button to stop the cars for the pedestrian crossing. I couldn’t even remember it being there. I never pushed It down because my hand went right through it.

Then I remembered the crash that had killed me.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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