Things I am thankful for… 23 March 2016

Here is a bit of midweek positivity with my gratitude journal. I think we could all do with something positive after the events of yesterday. So, here is my list of five things for the week:

  1. Writing. This has to be my form of escapism. For a moment, I am completely submerged to my characters and their own plot rather than anything that is happening in real life. I am still really enjoying the challenges, as they really do get me thinking in the right way.
  2. Reading. I have actually managed to start with my reading again as my tablet has been returned from repair. Am looking forward to updating everything and getting around to writing a review or two!
  3. Booking. Oh yes, yet again I have found myself booking tickets to go to a concert. This time, it is placebo and I am going in December.
  4. Good news. The Americans may not know about this story that there has been an online poll to name an English ship. There are certain perils when it comes to crowdsourcing an idea as the results have shown. Leading the way into becoming a name is, Boaty McBoatface! And this would be a bit of good news from England to make you smile 🙂
  5. Comments. I always appreciate these and I am always grateful for any that I receive. Keep them coming 🙂

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