Events of yesterday

Watching the news yesterday just made me wonder what was up with this world. I don’t like the idea of mass murder becoming the everyday situation. It seems to be going off absolutely everywhere.

We are told the English police have prepared for 10 simultaneous terrorist attacks. It makes you wonder what they actually know because that seems to be an extreme number.

I am really hoping that people do not jump on the anti-Islamic/anti-Muslim bandwagon about this one. It is about time that people learn that not every Muslim is a terrorist. In fact, hardly any of them would be terrorists. It is the select few. Remember the IRA? This did not mean that every Catholic person was a terrorist. This is the same thing. An extremist group. Islamic State does not even deserve to use the name Islamic. I would, therefore, be referring to them as Idiotic State and you are welcome to join me.

Anyway, I would just like to express my sympathy towards anybody affected by what happened in Brussels. I extend my hand in friendship to Belgium because we are much better off if we all stand united.



(Headline) Terrorism still strikes
(Speech) Do me a little place?

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