Sunday photo fiction: Storage Wars


“I just bought myself a real beauty,” Jacob announced as he bounded into the room waving a piece of paper.

Morris looked at the picture and heaved a sigh. “Jacob, you know this is not what they are bidding for in that Storage Wars.”

Jacob glared at his father and crossed his arms in disgust. “Of course, I know it’s not exactly like that. However, dad, it is still a place where people store things.”

The father rubbed the bridge of his nose. “It’s a shed. You will probably find there is nothing more than a set of spades in there. You’d better not have spent all of your money on this complete waste of time.”

“Why do you always try and bring me down, dad?”

“Because you keep doing stupid things like this. Now, go and look in your shed and don’t come crying to me when it’s empty.”

Jacob left the house feeling quite down. Maybe his father was right; maybe he was just a complete failure. By the time that he had reached the shed he had convinced himself that it was going to be empty.

Imagine his delight when he found a classic car in there.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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