FFftPP: Culture coming our way


 This was the first time I had ever had to sign for a letter addressed to Occupant.” I muttered when the postman handed me a letter and asked me to sign for it. I expected it to be nothing more than junk mail so I just threw it down on the table and ignored its presence for the rest of the day.

When I settled down to watch TV that evening I looked over at it and my idle curiosity made me want to open it. I reached over and plucked at the envelope to work out what had been so important that I had to sign for a letter addressed to occupant. Obviously, they had no idea who lived at this address.

On reading the contents I realised that it was the council explaining that they had placed some artwork in the area. Finally, they were going to bring some culture to us. I walked over to the glass to see if I could spot the artwork from my home.

It was certainly not the tasteful bit of art that I had been expecting to see. Right outside my window was a complete eyesore that would ruin every day.

Written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner





6 thoughts on “FFftPP: Culture coming our way

  1. They say ‘art is all in the eye of beholder,’ and I tend to agree with that as people have extremely varied views on what art is. But I’m pretty sure when the majority agree it’s not art, they’re probably right.

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