100 word story: In your room

I open my eyes, to the half lit familiarity that is your room. I recognise every single thing even though I know that it all belongs to you and not me. I am merely a slave to your will, ending whichever way would suit you.

There is no light peeping beneath the curtains and I wriggled on the bed. The nearby armchair seems to be taunting me with its comfortable presence. I wonder if you will allow me to sit there tonight, or whether I am going to remain lying here.

I am living on your breath…

My recurring dream.


This was inspired by:


13 thoughts on “100 word story: In your room

  1. Angie, I needed to apologize. I gave you the wrong number of delegates in the US (regarding the Presidential election). I found out the # is 1237 delegates and the presidential nominee will need to have at least 985 in order to be the nominee for that party in the election. It’s confusing. I just didn’t want you to think the previous # I had given you was right.

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      1. The states have “primaries” so they can decrease the pool of candidates and get it down to one Democrat and one Republican who will go forth and run against each other for the Presidential office. Does that make a sense?

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